Why do you need a health and safety program?
Because protecting people is part of your job. It’s the law.

Arts organizations like yours face unique health and safety challenges. On any given day you may be flying performers, building scenery, working with hazardous chemicals, using dangerous equipment – or sometimes all at once.

Like the industrial sector, the arts world needs health and safety procedures to protect its people. But where to begin? It’s not like you can use a health and safety program developed for an office building or a factory. Your needs are truly one-of-a-kind.

Custom-designed health and safety programs for arts organizations

Sellery Health + Safety can help. I work with you to design and implement a health and safety program that takes your unique situation into account. When I’m done, you’ll have practical policies and procedures in place to keep your people safe, and you’ll be able to run the program on your own.

Rest easy knowing your staff, artists and audiences are safe and secure

A customized health and safety program can help you:
  • Prevent of injury and illness
  • Reduce costs associated with worker's compensation and disability claims
  • Improve productivity, well-being and morale
  • Comply with legislative requirements, such as the Occupational Health & Safety Act and the Workplace Safety & Insurance Act 

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